Another Conference on the Sustainability of Health Care Financing was held

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In comparison with other countries, Czech healthcare stands out for its high efficiency, good quality, and balanced regional accessibility in relation to costs. Citizens and health professionals have become accustomed to this condition and expect to be maintained in the same way, however there are new other modern diagnostic and treatment methods coming.

The Academy of Health Care Management has long been dealing with the issue of healthcare funding and the sustainability of current quality and availability is now more than current, when we experience the rapid development of modern medicine.

At the 2017 and 2018 conferences, we mainly addressed the problems of costly funding and the creation of a new medical devices law. Now, as part of the Spring Conference on Sustainability of Healthcare Financing, an amendment to the Pharmaceuticals Act, which regulates the issue of drug financing, has been presented to the public and we have also begun to discuss in detail the financing of hospital care.
Today, the health sector is faced with a significant staff shortage and unbalanced funding for individual types of healthcare facilities expertise and treatments. Compliance and a long-term concept for hospital financing is crucial, because in this segment of the healthcare system creating a scheme for a long term needs to be properly planned, and large operating cost also means a lot.

Conference on the current issue of covering vaccination

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On April 10, 2019, the second conference, “Vaccination of the Population in the Czech Republic – Legal and Organizational Issues” was held in Prague, organized by the Academy of Health Care Management.
Representatives of the Ministry of Health (Roman Prymula), of the State Institute for Drug Control (Petra Kaftanová) and medical law experts (Jolana Těšinová, Tomáš Doležal) spoke in the first part of the conference on newly prepared legislation aimed at compensating for potential adverse effects associated with vaccination. Speakers agreed that this is a step in the right direction and the proposed legislation should contribute to a better public perception of compulsory vaccination. Legislation could already be approved during the second half of this year.
The second part of the conference was devoted to discussing the possibilities of extending the vaccination covered by state for some other vaccines. During this block, doctors, health insurance representatives and pharmacoeconomists spoke. One of the most discussed areas of interest was vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis and vaccination against meningococcal diseases.
It is alarming that the number of cases of tick-borne encephalitis (KE) in the Czech Republic is still growing. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is ranked first in the number of cases of tick-borne encephalitis in the EU. The participants agreed that one of the reasons for the growing risk and the number of cases is the low vaccination rate of the Czech population. On the example of countries where this vaccination is reimbursed (eg Austria), it has been shown that due to high vaccination rates the number of diseases has dropped dramatically. Based on the increasing number of KE diseases, the payment of tick-borne encephalitis vaccine (in basic insurance) in Switzerland was introduced. Since March this year, Slovenia has also started to cover a KE vaccine.
Another vaccination, in which participants agreed on the importance of reimbursement, is vaccination against meningococcal infections. Presentation by Hana Roháčová from the Hospital in Bulovka showed the extent of the meningococcal infection risk, which is one of the most dangerous infections, in which, in many cases, the patient dies or takes heavy permanent consequences for the rest of their life.
In their speech, health insurance representatives expressed their readiness to discuss the payment of vaccines against tick-borne encephalitis and meningococcal disease, but pointed out that a political decision would be primary in this matter.
The conclusion of the conference was devoted to the need for increased motivation of practical doctors (both adults and children) by health insurance companies to actively approach the increase in the population’s coverage.
The meeting was very positively evaluated by the participants.

Graduation of first cohort L.LM.

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On April 20, 2018, the ending of first cohort LL.M. in medical law and bioethics was celebrated. The graduation ceremony took place in the beautiful neo-renaissance rooms of Villa Grébovka in the presence of representatives of the Academy of Health Care Management, the teaching staff and guests from the American Embassy. The graduates, attended by the onlooked family members, received their well-deserved diplomas.
Once again, we would like to congratulate all the graduates for their successful completion of their studies and wish them many successes in their personal and professional lives.


MBA Graduation Ceremony

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Prague, December 8, 2017: The total of 53 graduates of our Czech and Moravian MBA program met in the historical Bethlehem Chapel to receive their diplomas. Our graduates were addressed by Texas Wesleyan University and US Embassy representatives. The new MBA in Health Care program is going to start in Ostrava in January 2017 and in Prague in May

Congratulations to our graduates!